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This post is my entry into the Applique section of the  Bloggers Quilt Festival – Fall 2016 being hosted by Amy Ellis of AmysCreativeSide.

Country Critters

I started planning this quilt late last fall and blogged about it a few times over the course of 2016.  If you feel so inclined, you can read some of those posts here and here. Or, you can take my word for it, that I wasn’t sure what I was doing when I started down the road of “wool appliqué” by designing a quilt to showcase my newfound love….

I decided to use a modified log cabin block because I love, love, love partial seams, and because the block seemed to fit the theme that was dancing around in my head (easy peasy, bright and breezy, country/folksy).  Then I dithered for awhile whether to set the blocks square or on point.  Sigh…so many decisions.  As you can see, I finally settled on an “on point” setting  because I wanted some nice large uncluttered spaces to show off the wool appliqué critters.   I should say right now that I didn’t have any patterns for any of these critters.  I found inspiration for them on quilts (or blocks) on Pinterest  and I made simple free hand drawings, which I then transferred to freezer paper and from there it was a piece of cake to cut out these primitive barnyard beauties.  I take no credit for designing these wool appliqué shapes, but am very grateful to all the talented designers who did this work for me.  I would be happy to give credit to any or all of you, if you come forward and claim the designs as your own.



But, I hung in there and sometime in January, I finished the piecing and appliqué and put it in the hoop for some hand quilting love. You gotta know that it was sometime in the middle of February when I started thinking this was a project which would never be over.  I have no idea why I decided to do so much hand quilting on it, much less the embroidery…Holy Heck Hannah this was supposed to be a simple quilt and it was turning into a mammoth undertaking.  So you can probably imagine how excited I was when I put the last quilting stitch into the little red border and could finally bind it and put it in the “finished” pile sometime in late June or early July.


It was finished just in time to be entered into the Crapaud Exhibition (a country fair) here on PEI in late July.  I was so thrilled when it won a red ribbon…somehow all those hours put into it, were worth it.

I love this little quilt and hope you do too.






And last but not least for the 2nd Quarter Quilt-Along

2016 FAL

Here is my 2nd quarter link up list. and here is a photo of the finished quilt.  It’s been washed once and while the wool appliqué bits are no longer perfect, I think its still beautiful.

No name quilt

I have some more pics of this one showing some details of the quilting and the critters a bit better.  Check them out below. Again the pics are really rushed because I forgot all about this one until about 11:30 p.m. last night.

image image image image image

This quilt was all hand quilted along the edges of the blocks and about 1/2 inch in from the seams, with a one inch  grid in the setting squares, and a simple   vine around the outside edge.  This was my first opportunity to try wool appliqué and after I took a course from Leona and Helen at  our Quilt Guild’s Jamboree this spring, my skills improved greatly.

FYI I drew all the critters on the setting triangles freehand based on photos I saw on Pinterest.  They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I really love these wool applique shapes.   If you are or know who the original designers are, please notify me so I can give credit where credit is due.




Please pass the Catch-up

Just a quick post to catch you all up with my quilting projects and share my newest quilt-along.   I expect everyone is tired to death of hearing about my experiences with the Splendid Sampler, so I am not going to say much about it, just that these are the most recent blocks completed. I am still making two sets, 1 for “Stefanie’s Splendid Sampler” and 1 “Just for Jessica”. I still don’t have a layout planned for the blocks, but ideas are churning away in my mind. Stay tuned…



And, now its all about my newest Quilt-Along for 2016 – The Gypsy Wife.  This is an amazing quilt and its been a long time since I was so excited to be pulling fabrics and piecing blocks.  The pattern comes in a 29 page booklet!!! OMG…There are nine multiple block sections. Actually its not difficult, its just a bit convoluted, because of the way the pattern is set out, versus the way I’m putting everything together. Here is what it should look like when its done.


My apologies to the amazing quilt artist who pieced this, its beautiful, but I cannot locate my source. I promise to give proper credit when I find it.

My fabulous quilt-along blog host is linked here.  Her site is called Splish Splash Stash. Go check it out if you are inclined to.  Its a great place to visit, with some fabulous links and how-to’s.

My Gypsy Wife goes together in sections. To date, I have Section 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 finished.  See…

Today, there is a huge winter storm brewing on PEI, so my plan is to finish Section 7 if all goes well (Section 7 falls directly below all these sections and when its done, I’ll be able to see the whole length together), then on to Section 6, 8 and 9.  Yippee, Hooray, the plan is coming together.

Today is a great day to have an insanely creative day.  Enjoy.


Its a “Splendid” Day here on PEI….

Can you believe we have 6 blocks done already on the Splendid Sampler? Holy Heck Hermione time flies when I’m in my sewing room.

And, I wonder how many of you, like me, made at least 2 of each one (except for the flower pot– I loved it the way it turned out the first time)…lookit lookit, its so cute,  I could just kiss it!

Now IMHO, my blocks are super cute, but I would chop off a limb to be as talented as some of the quilters in this group.  Holy Moley.  Here are some of  my favourite blocks to date. I think the Simple Simon block in solids is jaw-droppingly (not sure that’s a real word, but seriously folks) gorgeous.

I took these pics from the Splendid Sampler Facebook Block Link Page.  Its here and well worth taking a look if you have an hour or ten to sit and drool over the beautiful blocks being put out there.

I’m thrilled to be part of this group and so excited that some of my Kindred Spirits guild members are taking part too.  Watch for Roberta Giddings to post her blocks.  She is an amazing quilter. Here are her first five blocks. You can bet hers were perfect the first time around!12798838_10206958917265148_5915050665756633345_n.jpg

Just beautiful….


All Hail the Pansy Sisters.

No, we are not a 50’s family gospel singing group…although IMHO it would be a great name.

In light of what we have taken on, our little group of 5 like minded quilters must now become more than friends…we are sisters in *@#*%. Here is what happened.

Last night at our monthly Kindred Spirits Quilt Guild meeting, the President was giving us all a much needed talking to about contributing to our joint cause…it turns out our guild of 75+ members does not currently have a vice-president; or a person in charge of our largest annual fund raising project;  or a person or persons to plan our bi-annual quilt show.  Holy Heck Huckleberry Hound, this is not good.

The five of us were sitting in the back row (except Judy, who was smart enough to sit far far away) listening, and feeling a tiny bit guilty about not participating more, when I looked at Joyce and said…You should do it…meaning she should become the new Vice-President, she said NO:NO:NO, then Selina looked at her and whispered “we will help you”.   Nancy, very wisely,  sat there between them saying nothing…. so not knowing exactly what they were talking about (dang my deaf ears) I said “yes of course I will help”.  The next thing I knew Selina had her hand up in the air waving excitedly (Selina is the most outgoing one in our group).  The President acknowledged her and she said “the Pansies will do it”.  For some reason I thought we were volunteering as a group to be the vice-president!  Never mind what I thought, I was wrong.  We had in fact actually volunteered to be in charge of the 2016 raffle quilt, which is a very worthy project and one which the whole group of us can get behind and take on easily.

But, the evening was not over, Nosiree Bob, it was not.  There were still two other very necessary positions to be filled.  By now the bunch of us were all whispering madly among ourselves except Judy, who is sitting on the other side of the aisle, looking at Selina and mouthing… “this is what happens when you have friends”….Thankfully, she was joking, because we need her expertise and know she will do everything possible to make our project successful.

But… I am still sitting in my chair thinking Joyce would be a great vice-president and still encouraging her to take this task on.  She continues to say NO:NO;NO.

By now the President has moved on to whether or not we will have a quilt show this fall because we don’t have anyone to coordinate it. Next thing I knew Joyce was nudging me whispering urgently “we can do this together” and there I was waving my hand in the air.  Yes to make this long story short, Joyce and I agreed to jointly take on coordinating the quilt show.  I can only pray that we have not bitten off more than we can chew.

Stay tuned because who knows what will happen next.

Check twice, buy once…A good rule to live by…

I mentioned in a post last week, that I really, really love wool appliqué.  I want to make a quilt where that is the focus, so for the last few days I’ve been scoping out books and patterns on Martingale, Pinterest, Amazon, Craftsy, Etsy…anything I could think of to find a simple pattern.  Last night I succumbed and purchased “Simple Charms” by Kim Diehl.  This book is amazing.  It contains exactly the type of projects I want to make and of course, she does absolutely stunning appliqué.  I cannot wait to get started on a project from this book.  I really don’t know why the above link says the book is coming in May… probably the website has not been updated in several years.  Anyway if you want to buy it you can find it A LOT CHEAPER THAN WHAT I PAID FOR IT at  $9.99 for the online version VS  $19.99 for the online version I purchased on Martingale.  Sigh.  That my friends is the story of my life and the reason for the title of this post….But, not the end of what I have to say for the day.

So, back to the main theme of this post.  I downloaded the book, I immediately dived into it.  OMG It is so perfect, if like me, you love that traditional, almost primitive look. And, it is one of those books where you immediately realize you want to make 2 or 3 of the projects in it, not just the cover project.

But I digress. The pattern I purchased the book for is made up of a simple snowball block and 5 patch block (which I know, I know, I know, I could have drafted myself, but the books was sooooo pretty and I was sooooo weak).  However as it turns out, in the book, the blocks for this quilt are quite small (4″ finished blocks) and I really wanted something bigger and quicker, so I could get to the appliqué sooner.

Finally at 330 words into this post, I come to the main point.  This morning when I was searching my sewing room AGAIN for that missing quilt top, I found these forgotten beauties.


IMG_0802IMG_0804Any one of these WIPs would work really really well with added wool appliquéd flowers, vines or hearts.  And, they are basically ready to go.  I am beyond thrilled.  Now all I have to decide is which one.  Any suggestions Ingrid?