I think We can…I think We can…I think We can.

Long long ago and far far away in a quieter gentler time–February 2016 I think it was, I, along with my good friends, Joyce, Nancy, Selina and Judy (we call ourselves The Pansys) decided to go out on a limb for our Guild. We agreed to take charge of the Fund Raising Raffle Quilt for the Kindred Spirits Quilt Guild. Now when we did this – to the best of my knowledge – none of us, had ever undertaken a thing of this magnitude before. We knew we were under the gun to get this done.  We had to get a fabulous quilt out into the world…it had to be cut, pieced, sewn, quilted and bound…within two months we figured… so we could start selling raffle tickets.  But on top of that we also had to purchase a raffle ticket license, make and print the tickets, distribute and keep track of tickets and ticket sales, find venues to sell those tickets, find people to man the ticket booths and a whole host of other things. It was gonna be a lot of work. Here is a pic of the gorgeous quilt that my cohort, Joyce offered up for sale to use as our raffle quilt.  Thank you Joyce.  It is a beautiful thing.


More than a couple of times I wish we had thought a bit longer and harder about that commitment on that cold dark February evening, because that was not all we volunteered for that night. Not by a long shot, Nope, nosiree Bob, it was not. We–Joyce and I–(okay I confess,  I stood up and dragged Joyce up with me) said that we would take on the job of chairing the entire 13th biennial Kindred Spirits Quilt Guild Quilt Show.  OMG Holy Heck Hermione, etc.  Yikes.

Well let me tell you, we have had quite a year.  Our quilt show did come together successfully, and was held on October 14, 15, and 16 in Charlottetown PEI.  Now that its over, we are all, amazingly, still the best of friends, and to all accounts, our show was a fine success.

Over the past 8 months, we have all acquired a whole schwack of new skill sets and brushed up on ones we already had.  We now know how to: acquire and renew a lottery license; choose a venue to suit our event and negotiate pricing for it;  pin down and then bully (kindly) volunteers into doing way more than they signed up for;  search out and encourage vendors to attend our event even though its last minute; plan and publicize the entire event… both on line and in print media (oh and how to be charming TV stars – right Vanna/Selena) and much much more.  And, all the while we were juggling our own lives…together we coped with children leaving the nest; downsizing our homes; parenting our parents; losing a much loved pet family member; taking on new and greater job responsibilities; and so much more.  Yay us!

I want to take this moment to say, from the bottom of my heart,  I’m proud of all of you who worked so hard to make Joyce and I look great.  IMHO, you did a spectacular job. It was such an honour to work with all of you.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There is so much more that I should be saying right now, and so many people I should be seeking out and offering up my personal and profound thanks (and I will do that soon) but for now, I think I’ll end this post with….I knew we could, I knew we could, I knew we could.

Here for your viewing pleasure are just a few pics of the gorgeous items displayed at the show.  We are so lucky to have so many astonishingly talented, humble folks here on the Island.



With a little help from our friends.

Yesterday Phineas the cat paid a visit to the vet because he had some serious matts on his back.  Apparently he decided to embrace his retirement and over the past year or so has grown quite stout.  So stout in fact, he is unable to groom himself properly, which is saying something about his largesse when you consider just exactly how slithery and twisty most cats are.  Not so our Phinny I’m afraid. According to the scale, he weighs an embarrassing 15.7 lbs, almost twice as heavy as his best buddy Ed, who is our other feline fur boy.

Ed is sort of a foppish fellow.  He could be the poster boy for the metrosexual tomcat (if there were such a thing). He keeps his person in pristine condition.  His coat is soft and silky grey, his whiskers are silvery and his feet, breast and the tip of his tail are all sparkling snowy white. There is never a hair out of place on him. He is a beautiful boy. And whenever he is finished grooming himself, he starts working on Phineas… But no matter how hard Ed worked in the last month or so he just couldn’t keep up with all of Phin’s grooming needs, which is why I decided to step in and get the matts clipped off.

What has that got to do with quilting?  Very little actually, but its an example of something I’m thinking about today which is…. Everything turns out better when we all work together. For example, my Kindred Spirits Quilt Guild is holding its bi-annual quilt show in October, 2016.  Its an event to showcase all the excellent quilt artisans here on PEI.  Unfortunately nobody by herself, felt able to take on the mammoth task of organizing this 3 day show; so for many months now, its been up in the air whether there will be a show this year.

Anywhoo, long story short, my group of Pansy ladies stepped up to bat in January and are going to coordinate this event for everyone.  I am confident it will work out great, because between us, we have all the organizing, creative, time management, planning and networking skills to ensure success.

IMG_1068.jpgIMG_1070.jpg Fingers crossed that there will be lots of folks available to help us out, if things start to get matted up…



All Hail the Pansy Sisters.

No, we are not a 50’s family gospel singing group…although IMHO it would be a great name.

In light of what we have taken on, our little group of 5 like minded quilters must now become more than friends…we are sisters in *@#*%. Here is what happened.

Last night at our monthly Kindred Spirits Quilt Guild meeting, the President was giving us all a much needed talking to about contributing to our joint cause…it turns out our guild of 75+ members does not currently have a vice-president; or a person in charge of our largest annual fund raising project;  or a person or persons to plan our bi-annual quilt show.  Holy Heck Huckleberry Hound, this is not good.

The five of us were sitting in the back row (except Judy, who was smart enough to sit far far away) listening, and feeling a tiny bit guilty about not participating more, when I looked at Joyce and said…You should do it…meaning she should become the new Vice-President, she said NO:NO:NO, then Selina looked at her and whispered “we will help you”.   Nancy, very wisely,  sat there between them saying nothing…. so not knowing exactly what they were talking about (dang my deaf ears) I said “yes of course I will help”.  The next thing I knew Selina had her hand up in the air waving excitedly (Selina is the most outgoing one in our group).  The President acknowledged her and she said “the Pansies will do it”.  For some reason I thought we were volunteering as a group to be the vice-president!  Never mind what I thought, I was wrong.  We had in fact actually volunteered to be in charge of the 2016 raffle quilt, which is a very worthy project and one which the whole group of us can get behind and take on easily.

But, the evening was not over, Nosiree Bob, it was not.  There were still two other very necessary positions to be filled.  By now the bunch of us were all whispering madly among ourselves except Judy, who is sitting on the other side of the aisle, looking at Selina and mouthing… “this is what happens when you have friends”….Thankfully, she was joking, because we need her expertise and know she will do everything possible to make our project successful.

But… I am still sitting in my chair thinking Joyce would be a great vice-president and still encouraging her to take this task on.  She continues to say NO:NO;NO.

By now the President has moved on to whether or not we will have a quilt show this fall because we don’t have anyone to coordinate it. Next thing I knew Joyce was nudging me whispering urgently “we can do this together” and there I was waving my hand in the air.  Yes to make this long story short, Joyce and I agreed to jointly take on coordinating the quilt show.  I can only pray that we have not bitten off more than we can chew.

Stay tuned because who knows what will happen next.