Lizzie Borden, Jack the Ripper, Dracula…ME!

Nope,  this is not a story about mass murderers or witches, or any other terrifying things.  Today,  my friends, I’m talking about the REALLY REALLY scary stuff.   I’m talking about picking up my rotary cutter and slicing into my new Kaffe Fassett fabric.   HA! I heard your gasp of horror!  Get ready to cringe and/or hide your eyes  (wait, please don’t do that, I want you to read the rest of the story first)…because this has the potential to be worse, way way worse,  than any grisly crime scene you can imagine.

Let me explain my dilemma.  Ever since the first time I ever saw Kaffe Fassett fabrics I’ve always hoped that someday I would have the necessary skills and patience to make a fabulously bright, beautiful, stunning quilt containing only fabrics by the awesome Kaffe Fassett. Now, many years later, I’ve come to realize that my skills are not going to get to the level needed to do justice to this designer, therefore I’ve decided to bite the bullet and just make it anyway!

I am not prone to dithering and second guessing myself too much; so immediately after I made my decision, I hopped on-line and ordered a bundle of forty-two 10″ squares of  Kaffe Fassett “Classics” and a FQ bundle of Kaffe Fassett “Spots” from  They arrived about a week ago and are sitting in my sewing room right now.  As you can imagine, they are just gawjus in shades of fuchsia, lilac,  purple, tangeriney orange, covered with chartusey green chrysanthemums and other floral bits and bobs, or multicoloured swirls and dots and just so so perfect in every way.  AND HERE I AM GETTING READY TO CUT THEM INTO ITTY BITTY BITS. O my freaking goodness.  What is wrong with me?

Needless to say I need help and guidance from my many quilting buddies.  Most Kaffe Fassett quilts I’ve seen are made with quite large blocks because nobody wants to cut up the awesome designs into really tiny pieces.  Pinterest and I spent several hours together over the last few evenings and here are some of the block choices I am auditioning for my quilt.  

The first pattern below is called Shimmering Triangles and it is pretty much the same as the traditional corn and beans block. There are a couple ways to put this block together into a quilt and it’s a real contender I think. There are lots of examples of quilts on line like this one. Don’t you just love the way it makes your eyes get all wonky.


Here is another very similar block (without four patch centres)  showing the way it is put together.  Looks easy enough, but an awful lot of HSTs. I count 32 in each block. Yikes.  However they are in groups of 8, so I could put them together quick using the Magic 8 method.

But perhaps I should go in a completely different direction.  Am I courageous enough to cut curves to make this Clamshell beauty (this could be done with a drunkards path block template too) 

Scary as heck but OMG I love it. And I have a curve it up ruler that would make it easy(er).  Also I own the quick curve ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful and that would work to make the blocks too. Definitely would show off  the fabrics well I think. 

But then there is this absolutely awesome piece of patchwork calling out for consideration. This pattern is called Curlicue Crush and is basically a square with simple curved blocks surrounding it.  This is less pieces than the shimmering triangles, still has curves and large enough pieces to showcase the beautiful fabrics.

Maybe I should play it safe and fast and go with a large snowball block like this one.

This picture came from a blog about a Kaffe Fassett workshop, so I expect lots of folks have already made this version.  It’s beautiful, simple and perfect for showing off the fabrics.

So what should I do?  Does anyone out there have other ideas?  Perhaps I should just put everything away before I start something and get too freaked out to finish.  Seriously. I am terrified that I will start whacking away at this fabric and have a meltdown of some sort that will leave me and the fabric in a state of ruin.   What do you think?  


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14 thoughts on “Lizzie Borden, Jack the Ripper, Dracula…ME!”

  1. Go with your heart. If your too nervous you’ll make mistakes. Put your big girl panties on & start sewing with caution to the wind. Good Luck

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  2. All patterns are beautiful and no matter big or small cuts the fabrics beauty will still shine through, and besides you know where you can buy more. Easy Peasy make the cut

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  3. Awesome choices, and I’m crushing on the Curlicue number! Be brave, go with your first love and sew away. Can’t wait to see your top!.


  4. I would have a hard time picking the pattern. Maybe you just need the fabric to sit where it is and talk to it a little more. Eventually the fabric tells you what it needs!! 🙂

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  5. I’m beginning to think this is a common dilemma when it comes to the Kaffe 🙂 I just watched my husband go through this same struggle with charm packs. He LOVES Kaffe prints and got the first pack at a guild party, then was gift another pack. He then promptly ordered 3 more packs and has stressed ever since December on what to do with them.


  6. I haven’t cut into any Kaffe prints yet as I only own 2 fat quarters and they are at my other house. But from seeing many online, I think the snowball would show them off well if you are looking for a faster finish. If you feel ambitious, I could see them in the clamshell. While the squares in the Curlicue Crush are large, it’s the side and top and bottom pieces that would make the prints overwhelming and confusing since you couldn’t possible match them all. So those are my thoughts for what they are worth.


  7. I’m voting for the clamshell. I have it on my wishlist and all over my Pinterest boards, I admit though that there’s a certain degree of difficulty that puts me off!


  8. I discovered your blog via a Pinterest pin (of your Katy Lucy quilt). I, too, have Kaffe Fas-cination — I own nearly all of his books (purchased from Alibris–if I’m not going to make a pattern then I’d better get it on sale). I pull the books off the shelf and marvel at the quilts and the fabrics they contain, then I reshelve the books. It’s safe to say that whatever you make from your beautiful acquisition will be splendid!


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