Berry Fields – my first block design.

It’s my turn to share the block I made for the Cloud Nine New Block Blog Hop.  And, of course, I wrote a picto-toot to go with it.  Holy O My Goodness.  Who’dathought I could do that.  Should you want to make this block, you will find the some handy-dandy details below.

First let me say I am completely blown away by the blocks that yesterday’s bloggers posted. I feel so lucky to be part of this blog hop and so excited to see all these lovely blocks.

Second, let me say, I tried to make sure that this block was never published before.  As you know, that in itself is a very difficult thing because there are so many quilt designer/bloggers out there.  Lets face it folks, it is not at all that outside the realm of possibility that someone thought of this block layout before me.

Third, please know that if I did design a block that’s already out there in the world with someone’s copyright attached to it, I didn’t do it on purpose…I did a Google Image search and checked Pinterest five ways to Sunday to cover my bases.  And…if you (who own the block pattern) will contact me, I’ll definitely make sure that you, not me, get all the credit for this very cool block.

So with no further ado, here we go.

“Berry Fields” – A Block Picto-toot

Cut the following pieces for one  12 1/2″ (unfinished) block. This block is put together in sections.  Just follow the instructions on the pics and before you know it, you’ll be done.


Set out pieces for Section 1 and sew as described on the picture


Press seams in this section to the right…


Then lay out pieces for Section 2 and sew together as follows:



Press seams in this section to the left…

Use the remaining pieces to lay out Section 3 and sew together as instructed



Press seams in this section to the right…

All that’s left to do is lay out the 3 sections and admire your gawjeus block.


Sew the 3 rows together as instructed on the picture and – Holy heck Hermione – you’re finished and its a beautiful block!


  “Berry Fields”


That wasn’t hard at all was it?

PS:  If you were so inclined, you could make a whole bunch of these blocks and create a quilt.  Give each block a quarter turn and you will get lots of excitement and motion in the quilt top and a cool secondary pattern that will appear just like magic where the coloured rectangles in the corners come together.  Try it and see…

Now you should definitely go check out all the ahhhmazing blocks made by the others in this blog hop.

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Trust me, you will be blown away by the ahhhmazing blocks this group has dreamed…and drafted…up.

Thank you so much to Cloud Nine fabrics for providing this beautiful fabric.  Thanks to our hosts and to everyone who supported me while I was putting the idea for this block together.



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  1. Well, what a cute block. I would actually like to see a few of these put together – I think you will find a neat secondary design happening there. It’s very modern and clean looking, which always appeals to me. I think you have a winner. (I appreciate your trying to make sure the block hasn’t been made before, but really that would be nearly impossible to know. If it came from you, it came from you, and even if something similar has been done, you didn’t “use” it, so in my mind, it’s an original design, period. And a darn good one!


  2. You did such a great job on your block and tutorial! This block has a lot of potential. I’m thinking up lots of possibilities now!


  3. I really live your block! It would be very interested to make a bunch of these and play with the layout. Great job with the block and with the tutorial!

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  4. Very nice block!! I bet a quilt of these would make a great secondary pattern. I think I’ll draw it out on graph paper. Thanks for the tutorial. Job well-done, Velda! I have a new appreciation for pattern designers now that I’ve completed my first block too for this hop. Who would have thought even 6 months ago that we’d be designing a quilt block? Karen


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