#100Days100Blocks – An update

I am still going strong, and loving this challenge folks.  This morning I posted Block 24 on my Instagram feed.  Here is another look at it.


This block is one of the most complex that I’ve made so far (21 pieces) but its all straightforward cutting and piecing rectangles…you could do it with your eyes closed…you know I’m kidding right?… don’t do that, its very dangerous to handle a rotary cutter with your eyes closed…of course you know that…I’m just being silly now.

Seriously people I love this challenge!  I am using the same or very similar colorways as shown in the book (i.e. if the picture has blue fabrics, then I’m using some combination of blue fabrics) and at the end I will be the proud owner of 100 very colourful 6 1/2″ blocks to put together into a quilt called City Planner.  I found a link to this picture of City Planner on a blog called The Nickel and Dime Ranch  Isn’t the quilt stunning. Mine is going to be just as freakin’ ahhhhsome.

FYI, for those of you who have never had a chance to see this book, its called City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks and its written by Tula Pink, who is, IMHO, a matchless, modern fabric designer,  an amazing author, and the creator of 100 outstanding, easy-peasy, fun and color-filled quilt blocks.  Have I said enough?  Do you get that I love this book, these blocks and this designer? Okay. Moving on…

Here is a very poor quality picture of all the blocks I’ve finished so far. I am working on my photography skills.  Our daughter Michelle is coming to visit from Alberta today and she is a photographer by trade, so perhaps she will be able to help me post some more spectacular pictures that do these guys justice.


and here for your viewing pleasure, in their individual beautifulness, are all the blocks I’ve made since the first post.

I’ve actually made a few more than this.  I’m working ahead because we have company coming from Alberta today (see above) and I may not be able to get into the sewing room every day for the next week, but just watch my Instagram feed over there on the sidebar and I’ll post a new block every day for the next week.

I love Block 19 because its my birthday block, made and posted on September 4.  Which one is your favourite?




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3 thoughts on “#100Days100Blocks – An update”

  1. I love your blocks. Isn’t this project fun? I haven’t decided on a final layout yet, but I love the way my blocks are looking together. I’m starting to worry that I’ll be sad after this one is finished.


  2. Me too. I took the blocks done so far today to our Guilds sew in and sashed all the ones I’ve got finished. Up ill post on Instagram in a few days after I get a photo taken.


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