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I always use safety pins to baste my quilts – and always think there must be a better way.  Even with this nifty tool for closing those darn pins, its realllllly realllllly hard on my fingers.  Okay I know I’m a bit of a princess, but seriously if you have ever closed approximately 1.2 gazillion safety pins on a queen sized quilt, you are feeling my pain.

There IS a better way…Its a straight pin anchor called Pinmoors.  You can buy them on line at this website.  They are so pretty and such a dang good idea.  My only issue with these is how much they cost.  Unfortunately they are just a bit too expensive for my budget.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and Google is a close runner-up (well I said the last part, but it’s so true).  I searched Pinterest to see if anyone had come up with a work-around invention — and of course someone had.  I found a pin from the Closet Crafter and followed it to her blog to find out that she was not the originator of the idea, which is really really too bad as I would love to give that person credit for this amazing DIY solution to my o-so-painful pin problem.  But for the sake of fairness, you should go check out her blog, it looks amazing. Closet Crafter is here.

With no further ado, and almost no more words, here is my plan for making my own pin moor wannabes and how to baste a little quilt with them.


So there you have it.  The pins stick into the foam bits and don’t move at all. However a word of caution…if you are one of those folks whose ears are sensitive to noises…when you take the pins out, they squeak…just a tiny bit like fingernails on a chalkboard…nothing in this world is perfect my friends.  Fortunately I am not bothered by such trivialities.

Now all I have to do is quilt this little beauty and turn it into a pillow form.  When I do, I’ll add a photo here.


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11 thoughts on “Pin More not Less”

  1. I love that your dog chewed your scissors. Maggie has chewed up about 3 pairs of mine and it made me so mad! On the basting, for me the irritating part isn’t the pinning, it’s the crawling around on the floor to get everything straight and smoothed out. I’ve found basting spray makes it all go faster – and no pinning! – but I suppose it could get a bit pricey too. 50% off coupons at Jo-Ann’s are helpful.


  2. Oh this would make my life so much easier, I hate safety pins and spray Basting just isn’t working for me maybe I’m not doing it right. But now where oh where can I get this over here hmmm, *now going to look for alternatives” I hate Basting so much it almost ruins the whole fun…I wish I could skip that part 😅 thanks for the idea!


  3. I found this tip last year and have used it. My only issue is that sometimes the backer rod slips off the pins when I am working with the quilt. But it is oh so much cheaper, so I can deal with the ones that come off. 🙂


  4. What a great idea!!! I’m a pin moor user and yes they are expensive and I’m here to tell you that they sometimes fall off the pins while you’re quilting as well so it sounds like they are just as good made this way. Woo-hoo I’m definitely pinning this idea (pun intended) 😊

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  5. I do like this idea but I am fond of the bent quilt safetypins for the ease of coming up through the sandwich. So I wonder if I can add the step of bending these flower pins just a bit?


  6. How hard is it to get the pins back up to the top of the quit when they aren’t bent? I’m definitely curious – that is what kept me from buying the Pinmoors the first time I saw them. $17 didn’t seem all that bad, until I realized I would need several packets for my larger quilts. Thanks for the tutorial.

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  7. A couple people were wondering about how difficult it is to get the pin to poke back through the top of the quilt sandwich. I had no difficulties whatsoever but I was pinning a very small project. I don’t use bent safety pins tho, so I don’t know how easy it is with them. BTW I betcha you could use the pinmoor on the end of the safety pin too. Should work the same way.


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