An Addendum to my Gene Pool

Here is what I’ve learned over the last few days, as I am trying…and failing…to make this “Gene Pool” pattern by Jen Kingwell into a quilt top.

  • It looks like a simple pattern; and
  • It IS simple to cut out; however
  • It is virtually impossible to sew this together.

Why? Well, let me explain. Its because there are about a gazillion different colour ways possible, depending on the size of your stash.  Over the past few days, I’ve changed my mind about the colours I’m using, at least 10 times.  And, because the pattern is created by a very simple grid of rows of 2.5″ squares and 2.5″ x 6.5″ rectangles, its just wayyyy to easy to say to myself, why not cut out another pool from this fabric, or this fabric, or that fabric, etc., and see what that looks like.  At this stage, I think I have enough strips cut out to make two quilts.

So, I need some help from you.

This is where I started…an attempt at saturated colors…nope, I am not feeling it.

So then I thought to lighten it up would fix it.   Better don’t you agree? FYI this one is closest to the picture on the pattern.

But then this happened…darker pools on the edges and lighter towards the middle, pretty  but a bit too muddled still.

And right now, after flipping colors around all day Saturday and yesterday morning, this is where I’m at.  I know I have to add a few more darker blocks into the corners, but maybe this is it!

Whatdaya think? Please help before I find myself drowning in my very own gene pool.


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15 thoughts on “An Addendum to my Gene Pool”

  1. All have lots going for them. Have you changed the filter of the picture to black and white? That will help you focus on values and not the colours. Can’t wait to see what you decide.


  2. I like both number 2 and 3 but as Heather J said try looking at in in B&W to see how it looks. I have often changed placement after doing this.


  3. OMG, I cannot choose. I am afraid to tell you what happened after I read your comments….yup I changed it again. Tomorrow I am going to start sewing…no matter what is up there on the wall. This quilt is supposed to get to its owner by her birthday next February and at this rate, it will never make it.


  4. Like Heather suggests looking at the picture in black and white can help! Also make sure you stand far enough back to check your colours.


  5. Thanks. I did that this a.m. And once again I’ve changed things up with the layout. This time I’m ready to sew tho. No more pics until it’s done.


  6. Hey Heather thanks for the tip. I took your advice and once again I was surrounded by strips…added in some gray and it’s looking great. I will take it to PEIMQG when it’s done.


  7. Thanks it did help. I appreciate the idea, although it was difficult to set up the strips..A little bit of trip ups first and then I figured something out.


  8. Wow, this really does have so many possibilities! I really like the one colors separation in each corner. I was wondering would it be like if you mixed in a few lights here and there so the dividing line would not be as noticeable. Am I making any sense?


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