I’ve got Hives!

No, no, no,  not the bumpy, itchy kind you get from eating strawberries! These are good hives. The kind you get from being in the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop.

I am so buzzed about this.  Our  Hop Hosts settled us into groups called Hives earlier this week.  I’m in the Mis-Bee Hivin Hive and we have Cheryl Brickey, of Meadow Mist Designs, as our moderator.

The first task we were given was to choose a photo editing site and design a “button” for our Hive. I went to Canva and PicMonkey to see what they were all about. WOW right outta the gate and my techie limits were being tested.  But nothing ventured, nothing gained…so I uploaded, downloaded, edited, searched and selected like a wild woman. In the end, I created a button that features this cute little guy

2016New Quilt Bloggers

Watch for the button our Hive chooses to show up on my sidebar and on all posts while this blog hop is going on.

Already I’ve learned something! WooHoo me!

Our second task will be even harder.  Our Hive got sectioned into into smaller worker bee groups and Cheryl asked us to visit each other’s blogs to critique the sites.  I am so eager to hear/read what I can do to improve my blog and at the same time terrified to think about all the mistakes I’ve made in designing it.  HolyHeckHermione, I think I will need a glass of wine before I begin… FYI The bloggers in my section are Patchwork and PastryUnsophisticated and Jejune and Laurel Poppy and Pine.  All of them are awesomely talented women with amazing blogs.  Go check them out if you are so inclined. Maybe you should even follow them. I did.

Thank goodness Cheryl gave us a very good set of instructions on how to go about critiquing our blogs.  With this guide in hand, I plan to set out on my journey to better blogging by first critiquing my own blog.  I cannot imagine that anyone will find my flaws better than I can.  Seriously!

Ladies  I look forward to all your comments and suggestions.  Let’s make four fabulous blogs.


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  1. That is a really cute bee! I’m learning a lot through the NQB group too plus its given me the kick I needed to do all the things to my blog I should’ve done before and plus some.


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