Humble Pie – Best Served with Coffee

This is going to be the best month ever!  I am so over-the-moon right now.

Let me back up a bit.   Around the beginning of January (when some of you are making New Year’s Resolutions…which I cannot do (its a character flaw), I decided that this year I would try to be a better blogger.  Not better grammatically, or beautifully, or even often(ly) although I could definitely stand a bit of polish that way, but better in an interesting and meaningful “content” way.

Yikes, how do I go about that?  First I “googled it”, and found lots of sites designed to show me how (often for $$$)  to make my blog more professional, more consumer oriented, user-friendly etc.  But, as it turns out, that was not exactly what I was looking for.  Then I turned to Bloglovin which is, IMHO, the source of everything fabulous and interesting in the universe.  I was already reading lots of blogs, and clicking on buttons that took me to great websites, which directed me off to other amazing places.  It was on one of these cyberjourneys that I landed at where I read that a group of wonderful bloggers were hosting a New Quilt Bloggers Program.  That was my AHA moment.

In a frenzy of excitedness, I completed the entry form and sent it off and OMG a couple weeks later, I heard that I was accepted into the group.  Holy Heck Harry. Seriously HOLY HECK HARRY.  I’m in. I am gobsmacked and twitterpated that I will have access to such a wealth of incredible, on-point, directly related to my quilting passion, information.  And not only that, I can reach out to almost 150 other bloggers to learn from their amazing stories.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am humbled and thrilled to have this opportunity. Thank you Cheryl, Stephanie and Yvonne.  Lets do this!

PS. The photos above have nothing to do with this post. But they are directly related to a challenge that my PEIMQG just opened.  More on that in a later post.


Author: quiltgranny

I am a quilter, a wife, a mom and grandma. I live here on beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. Life is good.

7 thoughts on “Humble Pie – Best Served with Coffee”

  1. I am so excited about this! I have only read this one post of yours and can already tell I am going to love your blog — your writing is great. Yay for discovering new blogs!


  2. I am happy to be part of the group too, Looking forward to learning more and meeting new people that share my love a quilting and crafts.


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