Da bomb quilt

I love to make quilts as gifts for people I love.  I love my husband.  So you would think that I would have made many many quilts for him over the years.  But no, I have not!  Why? Well let me tell you why not.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, in a place far far away, my hubby mentioned to me that he found it a little cool in the basement where his big screen TV Watching Room was and he would like a quilt to snuggle under (my words, not his!) for his favourite TV watching chair.  Naturally I jumped up and down with excitement because as mentioned above, I love making quilts and even more,  I love making exactly the right quilt.

Hubby loved to watch fishing shows on TV and and I knew that fishing was one of his favourite pastimes when he was a boy.  So, I put two and two together and decided to make him a fishing quilt.  Sounds like it would be a perfect pairing doesn’t it.  But….

For me, deciding to make a quilt is only the first thing in a very long list of things that have to be done before a finished quilt gets draped over a chair. For instance you have to spend hours or days going from shop to shop looking for exactly the right fabric, you have to design a perfect block, you have to draw, cut measure, sew, etc.

Anywhoo, I did all of the above things.  I spent time looking at pictures of fish on line and at the library, then I started drawing pictures of fish and  drafting fish blocks, then spent more than a couple weekends travelling from shop to shop searching for  beachy looking fabric, watery looking fabric, clouds and sky themed fabric, etc. etc. etc.

Finally I got it all together and started working on the blocks.  It was actually quite a departure for me because there was appliqué involved and I have never been a fan of sewing anything that requires a template.  But I was confident I had a winner on hand.

Ladies, I even hand quilted this beauty without hubby ever setting eyes on it.  I was so proud of myself and couldn’t wait to give it to him.IMG_0734-0

Notice how the inner borders are brown and earthy, the cornerstones are blue like the sky and the outer borders are actually representational marshy wetlands, where fish would congregate…not to mention the fabulous different coloured fish.  Oooh I was so proud of this beautiful creation of mine.

So whats the problem you ask? Well, when I finally gifted hubby with the quilt, he looked at it and looked at me with a kind of puzzled expression and said “Wow, I never suspected you were making me a quilt with bombs on it?”  Apparently he though my beautiful fishies were torpedoes.

Husbands. Are. Impossible.To.Understand.

As you can see from the photo hubby’s quilt  is much loved and much used and almost every evening from October to May, I get to watch hubby hunker down under that quilt and every evening, he looks at it, looks at me, smiles, and I smile back at him.   That my friends is “Da Bomb”.  Its a perfect quilt and I could never ever make one that would be better.





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  1. Great story as great looking quilt, and just for the record…I saw fish even before I read your story. LOL!


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