Does your fabric stash talk to you?

Mine does…kinda.  Nope I’m not (really) crazy! I know it doesn’t actually talk to me, but it inspires me and makes me think…

Here is how my creative process often unfolds.  I walk into my sewing room, coffee in one hand, iPad in the other; or sometimes with just an idea percolating in my head.  I sit down on the sofa and wait….and wait…and wait.

If the stars are perfectly aligned and I am open to it,  before very long I get a picture in my head of what I want the project to look like, then I am pulling fabric out of cupboards and drawers, flinging some of it aside and digging through the rest of it, looking  for the pieces calling out (see what I mean) to me, “remember me”, “find me”, “pick me”, “I’m the one you are looking for”.  Don’t tell me that doesn’t happen to everyone.  I refuse to believe it.

On the same topic, here is an absolute truth…I never get to pick colours for quilts, the colours always pick me.  A good example of how helpless I am to choose colours is my “Gypsy Wife” quilt.

When I first decided to make this one, I was imagining it to be predominately pink and green with neutral grey, beige and white strips running through it like this one does.  Isn’t it beautiful. The only changes I had in mind was I wanted mine to be pink where this one is blue and to have more definition in the strips



So I bought the pattern on-line, waded through all 29 pages (OMG) of instructions, pictures, tips, etc and starting pulling fabrics. This pattern IS very scrappy and is a wonderful opportunity to use up little tiny pieces that I find very difficult to part with. It offers lots of opportunity for fussy-cutting if you are into that kind of thing.

Anywhoo, I was knee deep in the pink drawer, looking for beautiful bits to add to my collection of fabric possibilities but nothing felt right. So, resigned to the inevitable, I inched open the orange/red scraps drawer and was immediately overcome with fabrics screaming “choose me”, “I’m perfect for this”, etc. etc. etc. So what else could I do…clearly this needed to be a bright, crazy colourful quilt.

This is what I ended up with


Thank goodness, the quilt allowed me to put some pinks and greens into it while it was being sewn together, but it was very very determined to have lots of coloured strips intermingled with the grey and white ones.

My consolation is that next time when I want to make a black/white quilt I will probably end up with a delicate pink and green one.  So, I say, give up, go with it, trust your inner voice and you will never go wrong making a beautiful piece of useful art!

Relax and enjoy the journey.  Have an awesomely creative day.


Author: quiltgranny

I am a quilter, a wife, a mom and grandma. I live here on beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. Life is good.

5 thoughts on “Does your fabric stash talk to you?”

  1. Absolutely love your version of the Gypsy Wife quilt! And I love working on mine. I’ll post a pic soon. Thanks again for the inspiration. Probably wouldn’t have tried it without your help.


  2. Hi Velda, Just clicked through from the new quilt bloggers, I am so impressed with your Gypsy Wife quilt. I got the pattern over a year ago but I still haven’t started it. Yours is just how I want mine to be, bright and cheerful. Great job.


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