Are you a Matchy-match girl, or OMG Anything Goes

Wait, wait wait, before you answer that you need to know the guidelines…

Matchy Matchy Girls like:

  • points to be perfect
  • blocks to be square in 6, 8, 10, 12 inch finished formats
  • fabrics within blocks to complement each other perfectly
  • tones/hues/shades of the same colour within a block
  • lots of small scale fabrics
  • appliqué blocks
  • traditional blocks
  • beige/white/cream  backgrounds
  • sashing strips
  • sampler quilts

Lets face it, most of us matchy-matchy girls have been quilting for a while now and were/are influenced by the quilts we had in our homes while we were growing up.   We love anything with old-school charm and usefulness.

Here are a few examples of my own more traditional blocks/quilts with matchy-matchy beautifulness.

But, matchy-matchy doesn’t always have to be traditional and traditional doesn’t have to be old-fashioned…I think these pictures fit the bill for traditional style/matchy-matchy blocks/quilts but they certainly aren’t old-fashioned.


And, here are the guidelines for OMG anything goes.

  • OMG anything goes (LOL)
  • Really… Anything Goes
  • Nope we are not worrying about anything
  • If it doesn’t work, it works

I am trying everyday to become more free spirited regarding colour, improv piecing and modern cutting/sewing techniques in my quilt making.  I am inspired by quilts I see on Pinterest, Instagram and those made by my friends at the PEIMQG.

Here are some modest examples of what I think is modern, (many copied from things I love on line, others things I made).

So there you have it. Which are you?

I am either/neither/both Matchy-Matchy and OMG Anything Goes .  Mostly I am growing bolder, brighter and braver.  I am evolving and IMHO, that is a good thing.

Have an awesomely creative day.




Author: quiltgranny

I am a quilter, a wife, a mom and grandma. I live here on beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. Life is good.

9 thoughts on “Are you a Matchy-match girl, or OMG Anything Goes”

  1. Either/neither/both is a choice, right? I really like to keep things interesting. Some quilts are definitely influenced by my hand piecing grandma, and others are a venture to be me. Your quilts are great!


  2. I think I’m right smack in the middle between matchy-matchy and anything goes! I like some traditional, some modern, and don’t care for some others in each group. I’ve given up on trying to define my taste in quilting 🙂


  3. I am definitely an “anything goes” kinda quilter! I need to be able to just go with whatever, and most times it works… Sometimes it doesn’t, but then I usually keep it anyway. Just as you said, “if it dowsn’t work, it works” A great way to get out of your comfort zone is to look at the quilts you like, and try to define what it is abot color, placement, pattern, wonkiness etc that you like. I learn a lot from seeing other peoples work.
    I like both your styles – great work!


  4. Where are your photos. I need to see them. I loved every stress-filled minute of making this beauty. I think there should be a club that you cannot be a member of until you finished section 6.


  5. I love working on this quilt. I’ll take some pics later and upload them. Thanks for inspiring me to get started on it. I’ve finished the first three sections. Did you wait until you had all the blocks made before putting the sections together or did you put them together section by section? I’m doing the latter. Waiting until I had all the blocks made would have driven me mad!

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  6. I made the blocks in sections and put each section together. I did it in this order. 1,2,4,3,7, 9, 8and finally 6. I’ve got a Pinterest Board with pics and also on Instagram as Grannycanquilt.


  7. I am so not a matchy-matchy girl! I have certain things I like, so in that regard I kind of fit, but I don’t care if my points don’t match or my block is off by a qaurter inch or my quilt isn’t totally square. (Unless I’m making it for a bee. Then I care, because chances are that the recipent cares.) I won’t give my quits to people who care too much, either!

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  8. Me too…I don’t care if my quilt is off by a fraction of a fraction of a fraction. It’s not going to QuiltCon after all. But I really like to see cohesive colors in other people’s quilts because I rarely see them in mine. Thanks for taking a minute to comment.


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