Finish Along – 2nd Quarter

OMG its April already, how did that happen?

This was a wonderfully creative winter for me.  I was able to spend several hours every day in my sewing room and most evenings when I turned off the lights, I  felt like I had made progress in some area or another.  I finished lots of projects;  others are well started and for this I really have to say thanks to the 2016 Finish-Along.


I had four wonderful finishes for the 1st quarter and now  I have to commit to my finishes for the 2nd quarter.  Here goes.

First up…Its a Shady 9 Patch.  I thought this one was on the list for the first quarter, so imagine my surprise when it came back from Blueberry Cove Long Arm Quilting Studio and it was not part of my first quarter mosaic…Anywhoo, I decided to put it forward for 2nd quarter finishes.  I already posted about it  here after I finished binding it on April 4, 2016 so maybe it doesn’t count…but I hope it does because I love how it turned out.


Next on the list of 2nd quarter finishes is this little beauty….It has no name and I am really torn about what to do with it because of its size.  Its too small for anything other than a crib quilt, but it does not seem to me like it will work in a nursery.  Any thoughts anyone?  It was on my list for first quarter finishes, and I took it out of the cupboard to work on it a couple times, but I couldn’t finish it because I just didn’t know what it was. I am very determined to learn how to long-arm quilt this year and am tempted to use this as a practice quilt because if it doesn’t go well, I can cut it up and make it into pillow shams. whatdayathink?


Then, there is this wonderful thing…The Gypsy Wife…Holy Heck Helena, its just crazy.  I am focusing  as much as possible to get this pieced before the end of April.  I am working away on the blocks in the final section now but after that I still have to put all the sections together and then quilt it.  Pretty sure this one has to go to my long arm angel at Blueberry Cove Long Arm Quilting Studio. Something tells me this is not the quilt to learn how to long arm machine quilt on.


Then there is this quilt top that I pieced probably 5-6 years ago.  IMG_0802

I really really really love the cottage country look of this little top and it features my favourite “churn dash” block.  I think that navy blue border will end up with wool appliqué vines and then there will be another border of either checkerboards or small churn dashes.  This is probably next on my list to finish after the Gypsy Wife.

And finally, my almost log cabin applique quilt which is being hand quilted now should be finished by the end of the 2nd quarter.  It’s so vibrant, bursting with all kinds of creatures in the setting triangles.  I drew all the pieces freehand, based on pictures I liked on Pinterest and appliquéd them with wool and buttonhole stitch embroidery.  Please remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so if I copied your copyrighted work, please tell me who you are and I will give you credit.


Sew that’s my list for the 2nd quarter 2016 Finish Along.  Wish me well and have yourselves an insanely creative day.




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