I think I can…I think I can…

First of all, I gotta say good morning and thanks so much to all of you quilty folks out there who are on this roller coaster ride called “The Splendid Sampler” with me.  Holy OMG… so many of you came to visit me here at GRANNYcanQUILT, I was thrilled, tickled pink,  gobsmacked, and over the moon with excitement.  Of course I went to visit all your blogs (I HOPE), loved what I read, clicked the “follow me” button  and now I have a satisfying large number of blogs I’m following on Bloglovin.  Thanks so much, I am definitely going to need each and every one of you before this ride is over.

Your blogs are chock-a-block full of support, tips and suggestions for putting together Block 3 and contained  some of the best advice I’ve been given in years. Here is a “For example.” The Crafty Creek was posting about her experiences so far with those tiny pieces (which completely mirrors the angst, joy, terror, and hope for a good outcome I had when constructing the block.) She mentioned another great blog which was helpful to her.  Its called Bitsfromthescrapbasket.  You gotta read this post.  It may have single-handedly solved most of my piecing problems.  The specific thing that clicked for me is keeping the heart rectangles intact, when building the blocks.  It’s too difficult for me to explain here and why would I? Elisa provided a “Tute” that sets it all out perfectly. GO THERE, you’ll be SO glad you did.  It has me so inspired that I think I may actually go ahead and make a third attempt at all those tiny hearts.  So, just for fun, here is a photo of ALL THOSE TINY PIECES AGAIN. (So far I’ve cut about a gazillion little scraps and I swear this is the last bunch.  Now I just have to draw a line on all those pip squeaky squares.



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