With a little help from our friends.

Yesterday Phineas the cat paid a visit to the vet because he had some serious matts on his back.  Apparently he decided to embrace his retirement and over the past year or so has grown quite stout.  So stout in fact, he is unable to groom himself properly, which is saying something about his largesse when you consider just exactly how slithery and twisty most cats are.  Not so our Phinny I’m afraid. According to the scale, he weighs an embarrassing 15.7 lbs, almost twice as heavy as his best buddy Ed, who is our other feline fur boy.

Ed is sort of a foppish fellow.  He could be the poster boy for the metrosexual tomcat (if there were such a thing). He keeps his person in pristine condition.  His coat is soft and silky grey, his whiskers are silvery and his feet, breast and the tip of his tail are all sparkling snowy white. There is never a hair out of place on him. He is a beautiful boy. And whenever he is finished grooming himself, he starts working on Phineas… But no matter how hard Ed worked in the last month or so he just couldn’t keep up with all of Phin’s grooming needs, which is why I decided to step in and get the matts clipped off.

What has that got to do with quilting?  Very little actually, but its an example of something I’m thinking about today which is…. Everything turns out better when we all work together. For example, my Kindred Spirits Quilt Guild is holding its bi-annual quilt show in October, 2016.  Its an event to showcase all the excellent quilt artisans here on PEI.  Unfortunately nobody by herself, felt able to take on the mammoth task of organizing this 3 day show; so for many months now, its been up in the air whether there will be a show this year.

Anywhoo, long story short, my group of Pansy ladies stepped up to bat in January and are going to coordinate this event for everyone.  I am confident it will work out great, because between us, we have all the organizing, creative, time management, planning and networking skills to ensure success.

IMG_1068.jpgIMG_1070.jpg Fingers crossed that there will be lots of folks available to help us out, if things start to get matted up…




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  1. Snuggled up on the couch, this early Saturday morning, with my coffee and computer, I can imagine how cozy it would be to have Phineus and Ed snuggled up beside me…great photos! I look forward to hearing more about them…and your October Quilt Show. Have a great weekend!


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