Holy OMG…How am I going to do this?

In the very near future, I am going to need to make approximately 160 gazillion inch 2 1/2 half square triangles for the final border on a medallion quilt I’m planning to finish before the end of March.   Yes, its my long-lost Avatrix medallion quilt.  To see a picture of the pattern should you ever be inclined to make this mammoth and challenging quilt just look here.

I don’t like the outside 4 inch finished border that the pattern offers because there are templates required…which I absolutely refuse to use.  I say, If you cannot make something with a rotary cutter, a ruler and a mat, I’m NOT IN.

Anywhoo, having said that and gotten it off my chest finally, I need to come up with another block for the outside borders.  The finished size of the quilt is 80 1/2 inches square and according to the pattern, the outer border requires 72 4 1/2 inch squares…so if I make a pinwheel outer border, I will need 288 2 2/1 inch HST.  GASP OMG.

Clearly I need to find a fast effective way to make them, which means the Magic 8 method is the one for me.  There are lots of really good tutorials out in the blogosphere for this, but I wanted to make myself one. Here goes..

First decide what the finished size of your HSTs will be, then using the chart waaaay down at the bottom of this post, cut two square, then follow along with the picto-toot below.


Naturally I don’t want to, nor am I likely capable of, setting out all the math required to provide the size of the squares you will need to cut, so below is a  photo of a chart I grabbled from Pinterest providing the size of squares needed to make almost any size of HST you will ever need.  Thank you to chezstitches.blogspot.com for providing this information. You may have saved my liver.


And that my friends is my handy dandy friendly little picto-toot on how to make HST.  Now I just have to find the courage and stamina to make 288 of the little jewels.

Pray for me….


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  1. Hmmm…I am thinking you may require a psych assessment especially now that you are taking on the quilt show! Having said that the rest of us are right there behind you! Good thing you keep such good company!

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