That Dang Colour Wheel and Me

Right from the get go, I need to confess, I cannot see colours the same way as some folks can.  There is lots of colour in my world, but I cannot pass a colour blindness test to save my soul.  There are NO NUMBERS hidden in those dotty circles. Nope there are not.

But paradoxically, if I do say so myself (and who else would) I think I’m pretty awesome at picking colours for my quilts. Those of you who have seen any of my quilts in person may disagree, but this is my story and I’m sticking to it.

This morning while browsing around in Bloglovin, I came upon a recent post by Rachel at Stitched in Color encouraging all readers to make a vintage rainbow mosaic using nine (9) fabric photos from Fabricworm.  Well I’m always up for a challenge especially if there is a prize involved.  THERE IS.  Anyone whose mosaic is chosen as a winner, will receive a fat quarter of each of the fabrics they chose.  HOLY HECK HERCULES, I’m in.

FYI, it was not technologically difficult.  If I can do it, so can you.

First, as you all know there are 3 primary colours on the colour wheel, 1) red, 2) blue, 3) yellow and  by combining two or more of these you can make a gazillion other colours.  This challenge is called “Vintage Rainbow”, so  I chose to make a mosaic of softer shades and tones (that terminology may be incorrect–there is a whole science of colour, of which I am basically ignorant). Sigh…

But Anywhoo, because the mosaic is supposed to be vintage colours, I though simple fabrics would look good.  This is what I ended up with!


And this was my second choice



Now, I just have to link this to the challenge and I’m done.

Have a wildly insanely creative day.








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  1. Thanks for stopping by. I sure hope you and your family are doing okay. I know you have had absolutely the worst few weeks that anyone could ever expect to deal with. I feel like I lost someone precious to me so cannot imagine how you even open your eyes in the morning.


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