Our new church pew.

Yesterday, we were snooping around in an antique shop near Travellers Rest, PEI, when this little old church pew found us.  We were looking for something low to put in the TV room window and this fit the bill perfectly.   I think its lovely.  It lived for close to 100 years inside a little country church on PEI.  But as everyone who lives on our Island knows, many of the small rural churches are being forced to close due to costs of maintaining the buildings and also because of declining numbers of churchgoers.


Up close you can easily see that its beginning to look its age, with nicks and knocks on the seat and worn down corners.  I knew all it needed to be beautiful again was a quilt or two.   Hubby suggested a patchwork pillow might be a good idea, because, lets face it, wooden pews are not always the most comfortable place to sit…especially if perhaps you are sitting there on Sunday morning with a bit of a guilty conscience…just saying.

Anywhoo, this morning, armed with a tutorial from Pinterest on how to make a simple pillow cover,  I rifled through my fabric cupboard for greys/neutrals/ to piece a 20 inch block for the front of the pillow. Then I decided to machine quilt it, MYSELF with my sewing machine, because I wanted to see the results as soon as possible.

Here is what the top looked like before I sewed the segments together or quilted it. Sorry I didn’t take enough pictures.IMG_1166

At that point it definitely needed something to add a pop of colour so I added two green half square triangles; sewed it all together and quilted it 1/4 inch from the vertical/horizontal lines and in the ditch on the diagonal lines.

Then it was time to put it together, which was EZPZ following the tutorial. Its a thing of beauty I think.


However, next time I make a pillow cover I will tweak the instructions just a bit here and there and share the whole tutorial with everyone.  Its such a great/simple/quick/frugal way to update the look of a room.

Anyway without any further ado, here are some photos of what the bench looks like right now sitting in my TV watching room, (except that currently there is a cat curled up on the bench, which I cannot take a pic of, because the cat will vamoose the instant I come into the room with the camera turned on.

It makes me happy.

Enjoy your day…






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