Please sir, may I have some more…

All quilters have a guilty secret…orphans. I’m not talking about the Oliver Twist sort of orphan, I’m talking about the kind that is hidden away in your sewing room, “Orphan” quilt blocks.  You know those test blocks we made, because we just had to try some new technique, or ruler, or setting; or  perhaps we really wanted to make a quilt top highlighting a particular block–and lost interest before we had enough finished for a quilt; orphans can even be a favourite block we make over and over again, just because we love it.  I plead guilty to all of the above scenarios, especially the last.

I spent an hour or so cleaning out my cupboards recently… FYI, I’m still looking for that dang missing quilt top…and found a whole bunch…possibly a whole drawer full… of blocks that have never found their way into a quilt top.

This– I said to myself quite sternly– must be remedied.  Why am I letting these beauties hide away and go to waste.  Surely someone must want them, or need them and will love them for what they are.

What to do? What to do?  Well, here’s what I am hoping to do with a little help from my friends.  I belong to a wonderful Quilters Guild on PEI, called Kindred Spirits.  We meet monthly and often split off into little sub-groups to make quilts for Veterans, Long Term Care Centres, etc.  I belong to a little sub group of 5 ladies called the “Pansies”. These ladies, with the possible exception of me, are all tremendously talented and very accomplished quilters whose company I really enjoy. We are planning to get together for supper on Friday evening to celebrate the Christimas season and to enjoy a few laughs together.

But, getting back to the point, we have decided to bring some of our orphans to the party.  Between us we have enough to make a couple of quilts to give to a community service group.  In particular I hope we can make a couple really nice pretty quilts for the Hospice attached to the Queen Elizabeth II hospital in Charlottetown, PEI.  Nobody is more deserving of a quilt to wrap themselves up in than someone who is terminally ill. Especially those older folks, who may be facing this last journey alone. I know we won’t have time to have the quilts ready before Christmas, but if we work together, we will be able to make the donation in early 2016…which is a very good thing.

I thought you might like to preview some of my orphans.  I am almost ashamed of how many churn dash blocks I have.  Obviously I love this block…I have probably made a half dozen quilt tops using some variation.  These are all dimensional blocks and really are quite stunning (if I do say so myself, and if I didn’t who would?

I will definitely post a picture of the rest of the orphans and of the quilt tops when they are finished.

Look! At the bottom of the post…  Its my completed quilt for the Instagram Challenge.

If you want to see ALL the entries, just go to Instagram and enter the hashtag, #intrepidthreadchallenge. There are gazillions of amazingly talented people out there, as you will quickly see.

FYI, the on-line fabric company, The Intrepid Thread, sent me this fabricIMG_0708

  • 1 fat quarter of pink fabric
  • 1 fat eighth of green fabric
  • 1 bundle of 2 1/2 inch squares of “Paper” fabric

with the stipulation that I must make something with it and post it on Instagram before January, 2016.  No problem.

I chose to split the fabric into two entries.  First being a “fat quarter” craft IMG_0974apron. I think its cute as a button and would also work well as a barbecue apron or a gardening apron.  I loved it so much, I made two of them and gifted them to friends already for Christmas.

The remaining fabrics had to go into a quilt top for two reasons:

  1. they just seemed to be perfect choices for a modern quilt.
  2.  I will be an Auntie again in January and this new baby should have a Welcome to the World quilt.  The baby’s gender is unknown so I don’t want to make the quilt gender specific. In my mind, coral and sea foam green work equally well for a boy or a girl.

The awesome long-arm quilting was done by a hugely talented lady in Cardigan PEI, who also runs a bed and breakfast called Blueberry Cove.  You can find her information here. Check out all the beautiful quilt tops in her Resume, or like her page on Facebook.

And now with no further talk, here are some photos of my newest completed project.  I call it “Kisses for Baby” because the blocks remind me of XXX.


Author: quiltgranny

I am a quilter, a wife, a mom and grandma. I live here on beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. Life is good.

6 thoughts on “Please sir, may I have some more…”

  1. Love the baby quilt…you are very busy!! I have just retired, so looking forward to doing some more quilting. yeah!! Is “Kisses for Baby” the pattern name, and if so where could I get the pattern ? Also adding” Merry Christmas” wishes to this note…..I
    Cheers, Ingrid


  2. I made up the name for the pattern. I found a picture of the block on Pinterest and just figured out how to make it. The quilt is on point, so just look at it square and you will see how easy the block is.


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