Things I am thankful for today…in descending order

The No. 3 thing

I’m thankful that I gave this quilt top a second chance…now that its finally done.   I like the really old fashioned look and the 3 dimensional look of the 9 patches.  I am constantly amazed at how these shadows appears dramatic in pictures.  It is not nearly so obvious when I look at it on the wall.

IMHO, The wool appliqué border turned out great.  Here is a close up of the trial first corner with some hand dyed wool and some wool felt. Thank you to Erica’s Craft & Seewing Center for the beautiful wool fabrics.


And here is what the first border looked like when it was done.  All in all, I’m quite pleased with it.


No. 2 thing(s)

I am thankful for are my two beautiful standard poodles, Tigg and Odie.

Number 1 thing

My family of course.  Here is a montage of photos of them, taken over the last year.

From left to right are 1) Hubby, 2) Michelle, Hubby and Kevin, 3) Stefanie and 4) Hubby and the boys, Tigg and Odie.  There are of course, many very important family members not included in these photos, but my technical savvy is not improving and I am having trouble downloading photos of Garrett, Cole and Jessica.

(Ingrid… if you have any photos, please forward them to me, so I can add them…. I am of course thankful for you and your entire wonderful family too.)

Happy American Thanksgiving.




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