Rainy Day Rambling

Holy Heck Batman,  the weather outside is certainly not exceptional today…its pouring rain, so much that the dogs won’t go outside and that is saying something for those two water hounds.  But, here we are, all of us inside, housebound and going just a little bit cabin crazy.

I did feed my newest obsession this morning, by venturing out to a little PEI wool shop, where the lady who owns it does some lovely hand-dyed felted wool, along with many many other textile related crafts.  Her place is chock-a-block full of fun ideas with everything from card making to rug hooking.  Her prices were a little bit steep, but it made me feel good to shop local, especially since I didn’t have to add in the cost of shipping/handling.  She does sell her wares on-line so check her shop out if you want to.  Unfortunately I cannot get the website link to work but the name is North Shore Island Traditions Past & Present Rug Shop.  Also she is located in the lovely, o-so-touristy-picturesque North Rustico, which is never a bad thing if you want to go for a drive to one of the most beautiful places in Canada.  FYI, she opens her shop by appointment only, so call ahead.

By way of doing something a teenyweenie bit productive today, I pinned some wool appliqué pieces to my quilt top and stem stitched them down.  I think I like the way this quilt is turning out but I really don’t have an eye for appliqué  yet.  It is NOT turning out how I imagined it, for sure.

FYI I posted some of my older quilts onto my “Quilts, Quilts, Quilts” page. You should go look.  I will post more over the next few days as I find those pictures on my laptop/ipad/iphone/camera.  (What did we do before we had all this technology? Just wondering).


Author: quiltgranny

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