And now for something completely different

About two weeks ago, I received some fabric from “The Intrepid Thread” with the stipulation that I must make something from it and post the picture on Instagram at #Intrepidthreadchallenge.

It has been surprisingly difficult to come up with something to make.  I did not want to make just one thing out of those pretty fabrics and I (selfishly) wanted to have some fabric leftover to add to my stash when the project(s) were finished.   I did not want  to waste this opportunity, because seriously, how often does anyone get “Free” anything in the mail.

I can say now that there will definitely not be any fabric left over…sadly I used it all…and this little challenge really forced me to spread my wings a bit further.

I decided to dip my toes into the “Modern Quilting” ocean which is so outside my comfort zone, that its almost in another time zone.

First, because I knew so very little about this genre, some background facts taken from the Maritime Modern Quilt  Guild website…

modern quilts are characterized among other things by the use of bold colours and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid colour, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space and alternate grid work. There is also an element of modern traditionalism or the updating of classic quilt designs

Modern Traditionalism is where my interests lie.  Below is a pic of the block I chose to modify and modernize by use of color and setting.


I also pieced the backing and will machine quilt it by the end of December. This was my first planned pieced backing and this was by far the most difficult aspect of making this little quilt.

You have to wait and see my finished quilt in January. In the meantime, pop on over Instagram and check  out #intrepid threadchallenge.  There are some awesome finished projects over there already. BTW I made the little pink and flowered craft apron, and will take some better photos before the challenge finishes.












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