Everything Old is New Again…

I decided to update this unfinished quilt top that I re-discovered the other day while searching my favourite quilt-top hiding places. It really quite cool, as you can see in the photo, each block seems to have a shadow behind it, all due to the very unusual/very simple combination of two blocks.  I don’t remember even making this quilt top, much less remember where I found this pattern, but I really really like it and it will work very well with some added borders and some …wool appliqué…, which I may have mentioned is my new favourite thing.


So I began by deciding to rearrange the setting, to make it rectangular, rather than square.  I then added the narrow brown print border, then a pieced border including some bright 5 inch HSTs.  I made sure to leave lots of  blank space to add the wool appliqué vines and flowers.  This is what it looked like then.


BTW, I got this idea from my new book “Simple Charms” by Kim Diehl.  In the  first quilt in the book “Four and Twenty Blackbirds” has a pieced border very similar to this one.  I turned the HST’s around and added another triangle to the top right corner and the bottom left corner (the purple HSTs) because I liked that layout better for my quilt.


All there is left to do was add in the wool appliqué.  This is going really well.  Here is an example of where I’m at right now.


Please forgive the quilt’s very wrinkled appearance, but I warned everyone that I am not a tech-savvy person.  Trust me though, the quilt is not all wonky like it looks in the photo.

After the wool appliqué and possibly some more embroidery is added, I will add in the final outer border and will repost a picture I promise.  I can see the possibility here.  It may never be a prize winner, but it sure is cute.



Author: quiltgranny

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