Check twice, buy once…A good rule to live by…

I mentioned in a post last week, that I really, really love wool appliqué.  I want to make a quilt where that is the focus, so for the last few days I’ve been scoping out books and patterns on Martingale, Pinterest, Amazon, Craftsy, Etsy…anything I could think of to find a simple pattern.  Last night I succumbed and purchased “Simple Charms” by Kim Diehl.  This book is amazing.  It contains exactly the type of projects I want to make and of course, she does absolutely stunning appliqué.  I cannot wait to get started on a project from this book.  I really don’t know why the above link says the book is coming in May… probably the website has not been updated in several years.  Anyway if you want to buy it you can find it A LOT CHEAPER THAN WHAT I PAID FOR IT at  $9.99 for the online version VS  $19.99 for the online version I purchased on Martingale.  Sigh.  That my friends is the story of my life and the reason for the title of this post….But, not the end of what I have to say for the day.

So, back to the main theme of this post.  I downloaded the book, I immediately dived into it.  OMG It is so perfect, if like me, you love that traditional, almost primitive look. And, it is one of those books where you immediately realize you want to make 2 or 3 of the projects in it, not just the cover project.

But I digress. The pattern I purchased the book for is made up of a simple snowball block and 5 patch block (which I know, I know, I know, I could have drafted myself, but the books was sooooo pretty and I was sooooo weak).  However as it turns out, in the book, the blocks for this quilt are quite small (4″ finished blocks) and I really wanted something bigger and quicker, so I could get to the appliqué sooner.

Finally at 330 words into this post, I come to the main point.  This morning when I was searching my sewing room AGAIN for that missing quilt top, I found these forgotten beauties.


IMG_0802IMG_0804Any one of these WIPs would work really really well with added wool appliquéd flowers, vines or hearts.  And, they are basically ready to go.  I am beyond thrilled.  Now all I have to decide is which one.  Any suggestions Ingrid?


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