Missing – One partially finished quilt top!

I’m almost ashamed to write this…but I seem to have lost a quilt top that I was working on.  Holy Heck!  Where did it go

The missing quilt top is a partially finished version of Elizabeth Hartman’s Avatrix Medallion (see below for a picture taken from the pattern I purchased several months ago).  Isn’t it a lovely quilt top.



I remember making the centre swallows and attaching at least the next two borders.  I believe I was more than half way through the third border, when I took it down from my wall, having been overcome with a need to make a log cabin quilt.

You know what that’s like, all of a sudden, in your mind’s eye, you see a finished quilt that you absolutely know you have to make.  So you immediately stop what you are currently working on, fold it up carefully, making sure to put all the unfinished blocks with it (including all those lovely fat quarters you were using to cut the blocks);  and put it in the top shelf of the cabinet in the corner of your sewing room, where you ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL, ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A SHRED OF A DOUBT, remember where you put it.IMG_0398 Well that exactly what I did and it’s simply not there now.  Nosireee Bob, it’s not. Nor can I find any of the blocks that haven’t been attached yet.  I poked through all my open shelving, rummaged through all my tubs and bins, pulled out all the drawers in both my fabric cabinets and eventually tossed the whole room.  It looks like a crime scene right now and not a sign of my quilt top, or any evidence of where it might have gone. I am at a loss.


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