Decisions, Decisions, Decisions and Thank you Intrepid Thread

I got my FREE fabric in the mail today.  WOW. Thank you “The Intrepid Thread”.  I am very excited.  There are so many things I could do with that FREE fat quarter.  My Quilt Guild, “Kindred Spirits” is making potholders for Meals on Wheels again this fall.  Each placemat requires two coordinating fat quarters and my FREE (can’t stop saying that) fat quarter plays well with lots of others sitting in my cupboard.  So that’s definitely one option. But I have been snooping around on Pinterest and there are thousands of crafty things that I could make. I am so eager to get started.

My FREE fat eighth is so pretty.  I love those arrowheads and that particular shade of green background.  Its so awesome and it will work equally well in a modern or a traditional type quilt block.  It doesn’t read (at least to me) as too “girly”, or “for boys only”. I have a new niece or nephew arriving in January, so I could make bibs or burp cloths and it would work for either gender.   If I was really crafty and brave I could use it to make a pocket on a fat quarter apron… (Here is my problem, folks, I cannot sew…I can build quilt blocks like there is no tomorrow, but if I try to follow a pattern that requires me to pin fabric before cutting, cut around armholes, or add darts, or YIKES, a zipper..I hit a wall every time.) So I guess I’m going to just keep looking for the perfect thing to make with the fat eighth.

Last, there is the absolutely perfect pack of charm squares.  I am so proud of them. They belong to me and I can use therm wherever I want and they were FREE.   I see snippets of “Paper” everywhere I look on the blogs I follow right now, so I consider myself so lucky to have some of my own.  Now if only I could bring myself to undo the wrapping and start using them…we shall have to wait and see on that one.

I promise I’ll put pictures up on Instagram in the next few days and who knows, perhaps I will be the lucky one to win a $50 gift certificate to get more of the lovely fabric they sell at The Intrepid Thread.  Stay tuned and check all of us FREE fabric folks out on Instagram in January/16.


Author: quiltgranny

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