Personal Prize Winner quilt this year

I’ve been a quilter for about 15 years now.  Most years I complete at least a dozen throw sized quilts and a couple larger ones.  Every year I tell myself that I am going to challenge myself to try new things and every year I remember I HATE NEW THINGS.  Not true, I hate the learning curve that always occurs when I try something new, but then I love it when a skill starts to come together.  But what I love more than anything (quilt wise) is when a block is forgiving enough that I cannot tell which blocks were made first and which were made last. The quilt below is a great example of that.

Here is my personal favourite while it was still coming together.  The orange block is the first one I made.  As you will see later, I ended up doing some significant re-work on this block.  Specifically I had to redo the curves with the cream colored background that seemed to work better.  Sigh…always gotta keep the seam ripper close.


I always try to keep each block up on the wall as I make the quilt top because I am not blessed with a good colour memory.  If I cannot see the blocks, I cannot tell if they are going to work together.  Here are a few more on the wall.


This one took lots of rearranging to come up with a layout that seemed to flow together well.


I really really love this quilt. As you can see above, I hand quilted it very simply.  But in case you cannot see, here is a close up of a block and then the finished quilt.




Author: quiltgranny

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