Wool applique…or is it felt applique 

I decided my most recent quilt top, needed something extra to give it some zing.  Here are the “almost” log cabin blocks in the setting I chose.  As you can see this setting leaves large areas of blank space in the setting triangles and corner triangles.  

  So, I decided to add some applique.  Let me just say before I go any further, I have very little experience in applique and absolutely NO experience at all with embroidery.  But nothing ventured, nothing gained. So…

I went onto Pinterest and did some research.  Turns out, there are about a gazillion and one ways to applique and a gazillion of those methods take wayyyy  too much prep time for my liking.  So imagine my surprise and joy to find “wool applique” and embroidery.

After a quick trip to Michaels and WalMart, I was ready to give it a go.  Here is my very first setting triangle.  


I used Size 8 variegated pearl cotton and a tapestry needle.  Check out my stem stitch, running stitches, fly stitches and French knots.  This method works great for me…no turning or pressing applique pieces and the primitive style will work with this quilt. 

So with no further ado, here are the rest of my applique pieces.  



   I freely admit that most of these designs were taken and copied from the works of wool applique professionals.  Imitation is after all the sincerest form of flattery.  I freehand drew the images onto printer paper and then recopied them onto freezer paper which I then cut out and pressed sticky side down onto felt.  Then using applique pins and glue I stuck onto the quilt top and sewed them down using the very few embroidery stitches I could master.

I will post a pic of the finished quilt top someday.  But right now I am planning a new top which will feature brushed cotton squares and some of my favourite felt embroidery shapes.  


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