When Life gives you lemon coloured fabric….make pillow forms….or lemonade…your choice 


I’ve said this before, but I’m happy to say it again.  I love love love buying fabric online…which is a very good thing because I live in a beautiful place that is quilt shop challenged to say the least. But that’s a topic I already talked about here a while ago.

I am NOT an impulse buyer of fabric.  Really I’m not.  I am one of those folks who fills her virtual shopping cart, then goes back and looks at everything again before deleting items  and thinking about whats in my cart one more time.  So much so that I sometimes get a gentle reminder e-mail from the shop asking me if I am going to purchase the beautiful bits that I’ve collected or not.  Sometimes….I really want to hoard everything in my cart, so I click “checkout” when I really should have pressed “review cart contents” one more time. Sometimes it becomes very very obvious when a fabric packet arrives, that for sure I was NOT reading any of the information regarding size of the pattern, I was just lusting over the pretty colours and designs.

So yes, that happened this spring when I opened a USPS packet to find this 1/2 yard cut of gorgeous yellow and white cotton. The pattern was a whole lot bigger than I expected…but so very very pretty.  I didn’t regret this purchase for a New York minute.  But it obviously wasn’t going to work in the quilt pattern I envisioned using it in, when I purchased it. (Long Time Gone – if you’ve made it you know that the pieces are itsy bitsy.). So what to do…

Hey’s here’s an idea.  Pillow forms.   Thank goodness yellow plays really nice with a lot of modern fabrics.  This is what I ended up with.  

Love those lemon yellow crosses


Now, be honest, if I hadn’t confessed to an almost impulse buy, I know you’d have thought I planned these pillow forms in minute detail.  Really.

Don’t you love that they match (another happy accident) without being too matchy matchy.  And don’t those numbers make you want to die from happy giddiness.   I wish I had purchased a whole lot more of that…and now I cannot remember where it came from (which is also the subject of another upcoming post….stay tuned).


Every year, Amy, who blogs over atAmy’s Creative Side hosts the Blogger’s Quilt Festival  on her blog.  We are encouraged to link up two quilts and take a moment to visit and be inspired by other bloggers’ oh so amazingly ahhsome quilts.  This post is my second and final linkup.  Thanks for coming to visit.


Did you do something creative today?


The grass is always greener on the other side of the neighbour’s fence!

This bright and beautiful quilt is on my mind because it’s that time of the year again.  Every year, Amy, who blogs over at Amy’s Creative Side, hosts the Blogger’s Quilt Festival on her blog.  We are encouraged to link up two quilts and take a moment to visit and be inspired by other bloggers’ oh so amazingly ahhsome quilts.

For some reason this year, I have been all about starting projects that have a finite end date far far into the future.  For instance I am taking part in a Mystery Quilt SAL with my PEIMQG.  I’ve made 124 HSTs already, and that was just for Clue 1…This SAL doesn’t finish for many months. I am also sewing along with the Gnome Angel on another Gypsy Wife quilt. The end date is not until late December with reveal in early 2018.

Thank Goodness for my beautiful Kiss Cross quilt…which is my first link up to the Quilt Festival.


I cannot believe I never blogged about her after she was finished.  I know for certain that I showed folks some of my favourite individual blocks, but until now she has never been revealed in all her beauty.

FYI, I photographed this quilt on our  next door neighbour’s fence because it is so freakin picturesque over there.   The only thing missing in this photo is Arrow the horse…He decided he didn’t like having this strange quilt flapping around near his face, on his fence, so he high tailed it over to the other side of the paddock, which is really too bad because that would have been the best foto ever.

Anyway, I really hope you guys like this quilt as much as I do.


My “Done and Dusted” List

Lots of folks make “to-do lists” to keep themselves organized, my hubby being one one them.  Me, nope…not so much. I don’t know about you, but I feel like once something is written down on paper and stuck to the refrigerator door with a magnet, that it somehow comes to life.  For instance…right now, while I’m writing this, there is a list on our refrigerator, written by my hubby that is  whispering to me….I can hear it muttering about washing the kitchen windows…repairing the screen in the back porch, sweeping cobwebs out of corners in the garage…along with about five other nasty but mundane chores. Right now, while I’m writing this, I’m doing my best to ignore it,  but I know that as time goes by, the dang thing will start huffing and puffing and before you know it, will be yelling at me to get at my chores.  I DON’T LIKE BEING BOSSED AROUND BY A SCRAP OF PAPER….I’d prefer a scrap of paper that complements me about my successes and confirms that what I’ve done is just as important as the stuff that I still have waiting to do.

So, I decided to create a list of things I have gotten done (or at least started) this spring and summer.  Here goes….Yikes, did I do anything?  Yessiree Bob I did.  Now in all fairness, some of these beauties  are not quilted yet, but they will be someday and each and every one of them represents creative time spent in my sewing room….which I’m sure all of you will agree is much more satisfying that knocking every cobweb out of the corners in the garage.

  • Caw-Cawphony of Crows.  This was a quilt made up of blocks received from quilt Guild friends and my on-line Bee Inspired Sewing Bee.  I’m sure I blogged about the story behind the quilt, but here is the finished top (right now it is being beautified at Petty Quilt Junction where I take some of my flimsies for finishing.



I am not by any means a good photographer, but trust me, this quilt is gonna be adorable and the back is special too…so if you don’t see the crows you made here, then they are definitely roosting on the tree on the back of the quilt.  I will post pics of both sides when Robin at Petty Quilt Junction has finished working her magic. (Unfortunately I forgot to take a foto before I sent it off to her).

  • Below are Romeo and Juliette, two pooches I sent off to live with another member of my online sewing bee, Bee Inspired. I hope they are being good dogs and playing nicely with the other pups.  For the Record, I also sent two poodles off to another member of my group this spring, but for some reason I cannot find a foto of them anywhere.

In early September I  finally started (and finished) sewing together my Patchwork City blocks into a flimsy.   I spent the last year making all the blocks in the book of the same name, with a group of online Canadian quilters. OMG these folks are talented, I am overwhelmed and humbled that they welcomed me into their sew-along so openly and am very grateful for all these new friends.

FYI This quilt was impervious to all my pleas to let me add different colours to it.  It was determined that it was going to be mostly green and orange. I confess I was terrified of it most of the winter and spring until I just decided to get over my worries and enjoy the journey this quilt was resolved to take me on. Now  I’m so happy that we hung in there together, despite all my misgivings.   It definitely forced me to spread my wings and leave my comfort zone by at least 100 kilometres!  I finished this flimsy in August and it is in the queue to go to Blueberry Cove Long Arm Quilting or Petty Quilt Junction, as soon as my budget allows.  BTW I did add more sashings between the rows and between the groupings although I was not sure the quilt would be improved by adding more of the taupey gray fabric. However the quilt was convinced that they were needed, and as usual, the quilt was right.  Pictures will follow after the quilting is finished (perhaps in November).

  • I spent a few days making some new pillow covers for the couch in the family room and the back porch furniture. These wee beauties were small enough that I could do some simple quilting on them myself. There is nothing like a new pillow to brighten up a room, I always say! No that is not my husband sitting on the sofa…his name is Walter and he is a grouchy old fella.

  • In August I signed up for the Gypsy Wife Sew Along being hosted by Angie and Nicole of Gnome Angel and SnipsSnippits.  I am calling my version “My Dotty Gypsy Wife”.  We are currently posting our block for week 7 (Indian Hatchet).  Here are the blocks I’ve posted to date and a sneak peek at some other filler blocks.  These are in no order.

Here is where the sneak preview starts. I’m not saying this flimsy is done…but I’m happy to report that I should have something to post on Instagram every Thursday until December.

  • Long Time Gone – A bucket list quilt was finished, quilted and bound and put away in the quilt cupboard in July.  She is gawjus and I love her to death….but OMG she was a wild woman to put together in the small times frames given by the Sew-Along.

Below is a flimsy I call “Clambake with Kaffe” because all fabrics are by Kaffe Fassett.  I am in awe of the vibrant colours and was so enamoured of the dotty fabrics that I ordered a fat quarter pack of the whole line.  I will be making dotty quilts for the next five years.  Be warned.

And that my friends is what is on the inventory of projects that I posted on the refrigerator beside my chore list….I might add that I did this instead of doing any of the chores on the list.  And guess what I DON’T EVEN CARE that I didn’t wash the windows today….Maybe I’ll do them tomorrow…or maybe not…I’ve got a a Michael Miller Fabric Challenge to finish in time to enter into Quilt Con 2018.

Did you do something creative today?

Thumper’s Mom had the right idea….

Are we all just getting just a little exasperated with “The Whitehouse” as Reality TV? Yikes, Holy Heck….Am I about to go out on a limb and talk about politics?…which FYI is a subject I know precious little about when it comes to Canada where I live and absolutely diddly-squat about (except what I see on CNN) with regard to the situation in the USA. Nope I’m not…I’m simply going to offer something in the kindest way possible; and then I’m going back to living my life here in the real world.

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Lets try to be nicer to each other. I feel like we could all learn a lesson from Thumper’s mom, who wisely gave Thumper this nugget of advice back in 1942…before the end of World War II.  Whatdaya think?  Should we give it a try?  I think so.

I’ll Buy That…and that….and that…

I love on-line technology generally.  Here’s why…

When I started quilting about a lifetime ago (could it be possibly 20+ years ago? Yikes, OMG etc.), I lived in a big city in Alberta.  Back in the day, it was easy as pie to go to about a gazillion fabric shops within a few minutes drive from my home.   I got into a lovely groove… which involved purchasing a quilting magazine at the grocery store and then hi-tailing it off to the high end quilt stores all around me.  I especially loved Lori’s Country Cottage in Sherwood Park where everyone knew my name. (LOL,  I’m having a Norm from “Cheers” moment).

Then, hubby and I retired, packed our bags and all our belongings, and left Alberta to realize our retirement dreams on teeny tiny, itsy-bitsy Prince Edward Island–a little over 3 years ago.  Suddenly BOOM! my quilting world imploded.  Imagine my distress to find there are exactly 3 specialty quilt shops in the whole province; and no FabricLand franchises, or Marshall Fabrics or anywhere else with a good selection of quilting fabric at a reasonable (or exorbitant, for that matter) price.  I was devastated, disenchanted and discouraged.  It was a seriously bleak time….please excuse me, I do have a tendency to be a drama queen. But I’m sure you get my point.   Holy Heck Hanna what would I do?

Well, I started spending time on-line, where to my wonderment, there was a huge, borderless, universal quilting community. They didn’t know or care where I lived; they were willing and delighted to share their ahhhsome creations and I started to feel better.  Before too long, I decided to join in.  I quickly learned to post pics of my quilts to Instagram and Facebook and started reading blogs.  Then one day I clicked on a link to a wonderful wonderful place called Pink Castle Fabrics…OMG OMG OMG, there really was more fabric in the universe then I could imagine.  Beautiful traditional fabrics, modern low volume fabrics; text and texture fabrics; animal and vegetable fabrics….you see where I’m going with this right.

Well before you could say “Honey I’m Home”,  I whipped out my magic Visa card and started shopping.  Now a short lifetime later and I’m still going strong.  I love love love this new cyber world I’m living in.  I could never have imagined just 10 years ago that I could  purchase fabrics or patterns from anywhere in the world and have it delivered right to my door within 10 days.  I am a cyber citizen of the world; it doesn’t matter to me if my fabric originates from Canada, USA or Australia.  (Although to be honest, it does matter to hubby…he’d much prefer if I reined myself in a tiny bit and confined my on-line shopping to continental North America…he’s kinda old-school that way).

These beauties came by USPS or UPS just last week…Sigh, I am SO in my happy place!


What or where is your favourite fabric store?  And, do you buy FQs or bundles or yardage?  Leave me a comment…I’m always looking for fabulous new places to buy fabric.

WANTED: A New “Wife”!

Nope I am not considering a plural marriage…but if that’s what you are into, I’d never stand in the way of your happiness…Just saying.

I need another “Gypsy Wife”, because my original “Wife” recently found a happy home with my fabulous niece, who lives far far away in a big city in central Canada.

Some of you may remember I blogged about my first Gypsy Wife journey here and here too.  Please feel free to go there to visit should you want to read about it.  And you can see lots of pictures in that post too. Oh and that’s her above in the Header also.  Isn’t she beautiful?

The first time I undertook to make this outrageous quilt, I did it completely on my own. But not this time.  This time I’m sewing along with at least 1000 other bold and brave souls in the “Gypsy Wife Sew-Along” hosted by Angie, who blogs at Gnome Angel and Nicole who blogs here in Canada at SnipsSnippets.

Whew,  I am all a-tingle due to the choices I made about my new “Wife”. This Gypsy is definitely well on her way to being much more free-spirited than the earlier one.  Right up front, she is going to be completely dotty when done (much like me, I expect LOL).  I purchased a FQ bundle of Kaffe Fassett Spots to go along with all the dotty and quasi-spotty fabrics I found in my stash.     Aren’t they ahhhmazing? YES THEY ARE!!!


IMHO the trick to doing this, is to find a way to control the contrast between the many many dotty blocks so the whole quilt, when finished,  is sensational to see but will not make anyone go cross-eyed or lose their lunch.  This, my friends is much like performing a high wire act–blind-folded and without a net above Niagara Falls,  I’m very afraid it’s apt to make me completely potty before we’re done.  My sole plan is to make the fifty-odd vertical stripes very neutral,  trusting this will give the whole moonstruck quilt some balance.  Right now, I’m seriously considering using only 2 fabrics for the vertical stripes.  I have two excellent pairs of contenders.   Below is a sample of Crosswatch in Onyx and Crosswatch in Aluminum.  Both are from the Hatch Collection, designed by Bread & Butter for Windham Fabrics.  There is nary a spot or a dot to be seen in these beauties, but I think its a fabulous pairing and would look absolutely brilliant in this quilt. And would give my eyes a place to rest…which they are definitely going to need. I LOVE THEM!

But then, I am seriously crushing on my other choices too. There are definitely dots aplenty in this pairing, but not overwhelming I think…These fabrics are designed by Rae Ritchie and are part of the Chroma Basics collection for Dear Stella.  I LOVE THEM TOO!

I think either pair will be stupendous and will do a kick-ass job of showcasing all those brilliant dots and spots.  Right now Pink Castle Fabrics is offering a 25% discount on low volume fabrics….which might possibly be the deciding factor. Stay tuned to see what I decide.  All four fabrics are on the way to my house via the wonder of my magic Visa card, UPS and of course the Internet.  Watch for all these fabrics to  turn up in this or another quilt in the near future.

So…I think this is the first quilt I’ve ever made twice.  I am absolutely over-the-moon, crazy mad in love with Gypsy Wife.  Seriously I shed a quiet tear or two at home in my sewing room after Lobo decided she wanted to make  my original “Gypsy Wife” hers and took her off to live in Toronto with her.  Have you ever loved a quilt pattern as much as that? Did you ever make your own Gypsy Wife?  I’d love to see it if you did.

Just so you know…the block for week one is done and posted on my Instagram Feed.  I love it so much I thought I’d show it here again.  Ain’t she just the cutest thing ever?









Its Magic and Wizardry…or maybe its Pinterest

I am pretty sure I didn’t exist before I discovered Pinterest.  I’m serious. I love it that I can click on that magical red and white “P” icon and open a window into the world that didn’t even exist 10 short years ago.  Holy OMG how is it possible? How is any of this wizardry possible? Who on earth imagines up a place where a person like me can share a photo or a story or any other thing that I think is beautiful, or unique, or funny, or sad or amazing, with the whole world. And…I can peek into the universe of a gazillion other people living here on this little blue dot.  Sometimes I just have to shake my head in wonderment…but there you go I’m distracted already.

Lets start again.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE PINTEREST.   I love creating Pins and Boards as much as I love my dogs, Tigg and Theo. And that my friends is a wholeheckofalot.  Right now, I have approximately 40 Boards where I regularly pin articles and photos that catch my eye or capture my fancy or make me think, or wish, or hope, or plan.  Naturally many of my Boards revolve around quilts and quilting.  I have Boards dedicated to modern quilts, modern quilt patterns, traditional quilts, mini-quilts, wool appliqué quilts, quilt patterns, quilt borders, medallion quilts, round robin quilts etc. etc. etc. Its endless, its fabulous, its wonderful and I cannot imagine a world without Pinterest.

So having professed my love for Pinterest twice now, I’m happy to share some of my favourite boards/pins/walls created by some fabulous people…some famous, some famous only to me or the people who love them. Here we go….in no particular order.

Kaffe Fassett  I recently finished a quilt top using only fabrics by this designer.  I spent many hours looking here for inspiration before I could allow myself cut into those beautiful FQs. In the end I chose to make a variation of a “drunkards path” block, which I call “Clambake with Kaffe”.  Click  here to see the blocks I considered on my Pinterest Board and then click  here to go to my Instagram Account to see a pic. of my finished top.

Laila Nelson – She lives in beautiful BC Canada and she is part of an online quilt party (Patchwork City) that I’m a member of.  She creates seriously stunning quilt blocks that are a feast to my eyes and I get to see her work every month.  You should definitely check out her boards and pins.  That woman has an eye for colours/patterns like nobody I’ve ever known.  If you want to see some of her works that I’ve collected, check out My Patchwork City Board here.

Rachel Hauser.  I follow her blog too.  IMHO she is a very inspirational woman who has learned the very difficult art of balancing her personal life, business, family and faith, while still finding a way with every post to provoke some type of emotion.  Seriously you should check this out.

Alison Glass.  Seriously, do I need to say anything else?  Well, perhaps this:

Carolyn Friedlander or maybe this.

Libs Elliott, A Canadian designer that will knock your socks off.

So there you go, a quick glimpse of my Pinterest world.  Here is the icon, should you possibly be living somewhere in a different universe where Pinterest has not yet landed. Hahahah, possibly Mars or Pluto…

Lets all do something creative today.